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EuroNeoNet (European Neonatal Network) aims to both; give European neonatologists a tool to perform their own quality assurance and benchmarking, and a framework to facilitate the development of high-quality outcome epidemiological research as well as academic driven randomised clinical trials.


The dataset has been developed to meet the specific needs of VLBW infants assisted in Europe. The perinatal minimal dataset includes prenatal and neonatal risk factors, frequent interventions and short-term outcomes.


A follow-up minimal dataset for long-term outcomes evaluated at 48 months is been developed. A copy of the perinatal dataset and definitions of items included can also be obtained from the Coordinating Centre in Bilbao.


EuroNeoNet is structured as an up-to-date technological neonatal platform based on the Internet. Units are able to submit data electronically via e-mail or by specific software in an anonymous manner. Basic statistics and quality control checks can accessible interactively, immediately and independently of the Coordinating Centre.

EuroNeoNet is growing slowly but steadily. A pilot phase has been completed with data collected in a few NICUs of different European countries to develop and test all procedures involved. Now, we offer to all interested units the possibility to join this effort.

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   You can also download a sample "Standard Annual Report" that describe important clinical data related to prenatal risk factors, interventions and major outcomes for VLBW /VLGAI one year cohort.


                      In Memoriam (1 year)

It has been a year since Prof. Adolf Valls-i-Soler passed away. Our best thoughts are still with him. Never forget. He will be always in our minds.

In Memoriam




Join the Network!!!!

You are welcomed to use any of the clinical data in this site, but you should acknowledge its procedure as been taken from EuroNeoNet - EuroNeoStat Project (DG. SANCO funded project Nº116/2006). www.euroneostat.org  

We are glad to inform you that the next  International Neonatology Association Conference (INAC 2015)” will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from 21-23 March , 2015.


For further information please click: http://2015.worldneonatology.com/

For registration please click: http://2015.worldneonatology.com/registration/

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